Azim’s career has spanned almost 15 years right at the heart of London’s entertainment industry. Whether it’s getting Aled jones to join Franz Ferdinand on stage or Stuart Copeland to teach Bill Oddie the guitar, with Azim the tougher the job, the more Azim enjoys it. Azim’s eye for new trends saw him spot the endorsement potential of household names like Keith Lemon, Katy Perry and Russell Brand.

As the communications landscape evolves, Azim’s contacts network is well placed to put you at the forefront of engaging new audiences through cutting edge channels. From a big name on Saturday night TV to the latest teenage youtuber – Azim knows them all and knows which name is right for you.

Azim gets right to the core of projects – working closely with clients to see how VIPs can bring brands to life.

“For me it’s about the big occasion; the power of the right person being in the right place at the right time. It’s not about just throwing a few celebs on to a red carpet: it’s about creating sensational moments that inspire audiences and create a real buzz.”